Murphy’s Boy By Torey L. Hayden Book Review

  Murphy’s Boy is based on a true story about a boy who suffered from severe child abuse.

Even though Kevin had a name, people called him zoo boy. He never spoke or even made a noise in his 4 years in Garson Gayer(institution).  He earned his nickname because he spent his time under tables and chairs lined up in front of him until he was secure behind a protective barrier. Then Torey came in the story.  She was a Child psychologist who was working on selective mutism. She always knew there was hopelessness in Kevin’s case.  He was almost 16 and learning to feel comfortable being crazy.

However, as time proceeded, she began to discover traumatic past of Kevin’s life caused because of his step father and how it had affected him into a deeper level. He showed an obsessive hatred towards his stepfather. Kevin was violent from time to time because he felt like the security he created for himself was being threatened but Torey never gave up.

She searched for roots of all the behaviors and even met his real mother to find out the truth. It was heartbreaking to know that Kevin had to go through such trauma at a young age. While being patient, loving and caring with Kevin she taught him to face his own fears.

     He took a deep breath. “You know Murphy’s law?” he said softly, “the one about anything will go wrong, it will?

I nodded. (Torey)

‘’Well,” he said “I reckon I must be a Murphy’s boy”.

This book speaks so much about child abuse and negligence. It was disturbing to read all the details included and the scenarios that were created in my head made it worse. As a reader I saw that positive influence, love, time and effort of Torey made huge difference in their lives and that too in different way

 It is written very beautifully. It is a definite 5 starrer for me.

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