We are Voulhire : A New Arrival under Great Skies

Written by Matthew Lysz, this book is an escape for every fantasy book lover.

 Every day, we imagine so many things, which may be unrealistic, but we do. No, there is nothing wrong with it and much better when powerful stories are created. This book was one of the creations for me.

Voulhire is a country with many mysteries. King Wilhelm Arcolo is the King. His acquaintance with his old friend caused darkness to linger around the kingdom.

 “In this special kingdom, where all the tools are provided to build a perfect world, you will stand as a firsthand witness to what people do when they have no excuse to fail. This, my children, is the magnificent and terrifying kingdom of Voulhire

Galen who comes from a distant war zone believes that he finally has hopes for his life. He travels by boat to his new fate.  In the boat he hears about the Voulhire and its cities. In the city he meets Rowan his rescuer. His uncle leaves him a legacy to take care of in city of Magnum Caelum. He is the owner of the business “Onita Steel”.

This book has separate chapters for each characters and it kind of made it interesting. One of the mysteries is from another universe that came in this palce. He is powerful and imprisoned on an island with boats.  Lord Eldus who was newly appointed for Hillport. He has important task to make the place prosperous as the previous lord miserably failed. But the bad people have eyes on this city.

It is very interesting story and leaves you wondering “What will happen Now”? As the story proceeded I was fully immersed onto it. This book has a Map which really made sense and also had many new words that I could learn.  I usually don’t read book of this genre and this was my first. And don’t think of me as dramatic when I say I saw some pieces of this book in my dreams. IMAGINATION I guess.

I would give it a 4 out of 5.

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