My First Snow Experience

It was 13 years back when we  used to lived in Bhaktapur. I was probably in Grade 3. It was raining a little and we were in between one of our classes. Suddenly everyone came out of their classes and we went out too. And there it happened.  I saw it. Love at first sight. I remember looking up and touching one of the flake in my hand. It was like thin cotton floating.  White flakes falling everywhere. All the kids were jumping out of excitement. It was beyond beautiful.

And here comes the best part. That day we couldn’t go home due to road blockage and we stayed in school hostel. I never had any experience of living in a hostel, so I was enjoying it very much. We played with the snow in roof of the hostel, made snowballs. The students in hostel made us feel very welcomed. I remember taking the top bed for sleeping. It was best I ever felt. 

Apparently the day was Valentine’s day and the weather really added beauty to the day. If you live in any area near Bhaktapur, you know Nagarkot is a hotspot for couples from anywhere. So after the day it snowed, there were so many Bikes in the road, all going for “THE VEIW” from the top.  It barely snows in the valley. The snow of that day fell almost after 62 years. It is a long time.

A year ago I discovered this Led Snowflakes and it has been such delight. I love the joy it brings into my room. I call them ” Snowflakes To Heaven “

Something about snow or Winter in general makes me happier. Seeing snow for the first time was pure bliss. Sometime in near future I would love to experience snow till it reaches my core even be it with my four (or more) layer of clothing. I will never outgrow the excitement of looking at falling snow for the first time.

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